The Festival des Panards 2019

11th, 12th and 13th October 2019  Todmorden

Artists include:

Trio Morvan, The Eel Grinders, Yves Leblanc, Meascan, Gwerz Flamm from Brittany,  Steve Turner and Yannick Minvielle-Debat and The Panards band

Workshops include:

Workshops: Helena Reynolds – beginners and mazurka workshop,
Trio Morvan –  bourrees du Morvan,
Yves Leblanc-  Breton workshops. 
Meascan: Breton ensemble
Steve Turner: Piano Accordion
Seb (from TM): Chromatic accordion
Pierre from TM: Diatonic accordion
Quentin from TM: Bagpipe
Scott Marshall –  Hurdy Gurdy
Dave Faulkner (EG): Ensemble
Helena Torpy (EG): Violin
Yannick: Singing