French Dance in Schools

Traditional French Dance in Schools

Yannick provides an exciting introduction to the culture and language of France through its music and dance traditions. Children of all ages and abilities (from both primary and secondary schools) are given a unique opportunity to explore the traditional dancing of France including Brittany to live music, through a diverse repertoire adapted to all age groups.

Links with the school curriculum can be discussed before hand with the teachers
to ensure maximum benefit. The workshops provide a perfect environment to
introduce basic French language in a fun and pleasurable way.

Yannick Minvielle-Debat is an experienced dance tutor and singer, who
specialises in dances from France, including Brittany. Yannick can also teach
simple call and response songs for dancing.

Yannick also runs sessions for Primary Language Conferences and teachers’ groups where she demonstrates how to use singing and dancing as vehicles to foreign language introduction.

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