Les Panards Dansants – The Artists 2022

DUO PICHARD-VINCENDEAU – Willy Pichard and Stevan Vincendeau: stage craft and smart braces. Braces adorning this seasoned hurdy- gurdy man’s vest, and braces of the accordion of the duo’s other half.
The ear is tuned. The wheel is turning and the bellow blows forever, both winding their way through a perfectly mastered traditional repertoire carefully crafted personal compositions. The trumpet and the mother-of-pearl are waltzing together in perfect harmony.
“A feat for ears and toes alike, this duo, hailed at the last traditional Breton music championship as Brittany’s Best, meets both dancers’ and listeners’ highest expectations. (P. Guilho).
As they were just in their teens, their paths crossed on stage, but it took them 15 years to start a joint music venture. Willy’s cheeky hurdy-gurdy style coupled with Stevan’s efficient accordion playing will have you thrown at the heart of an exceptional musical collaborative project. Sometimes poignant, sometimes voluptuous, their music will take you through an out of this world universe. We are really excited to welcome the amazing DUO PICHARD-VINCENDEAU from Brittany with their exciting combination of melodeon and hurdy-gurdy. Well known in Brittany, this duo is going from strength to strength and it is a privilege to have them coming up north and play for us. They will also run Breton ensemble, melodeon and hurdy gurdy workshops.


Philippe Plard, accompanied by the talented Mark Prescott on the violin, will take you on a journey through numerous French regions in a festive ambiance. Good humour and high energy offer a dynamic music, mixing Philippe’s own marvellous compositions with traditional themes.

And you do not have to know all the dances they will play to let yourselves enjoy the pleasure of the Bal.

Philippe Plard, melodeon player and singer, represents the pleasure of a happy Bal! You will be transported from a mazurka to a circle bourrée, from a mixer dance to a 5-time waltz, always in both the “bonne humeur” and the shared magical pleasure between dancers and musicians!
They will run several workshops too, including bourrées, violin and melodeon.

Philippe Plard and Mark Prescott

EEL GRINDERS TRIO (Steve Turner, Helena Torpy and Dave Faulkner) 

We never tire to dance to their compositions ever since they first played for the Festival in 2000! Steve and Helena will also perform as a duo to put the cherry on the top (we love those English expressions!).

Eel Grinders Trio

As usual they will be an array of dance and music workshops to suit all abilities led by top tutors:

Philippe Plard (Bourrees, Melodeon), Stevan Vincendeau (melodeon), Willy Pichard (Hurdy Gurdy),
Dave Faulkner (ensemble and bagpipe), Mark Prescott (Violin), Peter Clifton (dance), Kerry Fletcher and Chris Walshaw (dance) Paul Sherwood (hurdy gurdy, beginners).

Keep an eye on the website for more details.


A bientôt!!

The Panards Dansants Team