Les Panards Dansants will return on the
11th, 12th and 13th October 2019
at Todmorden


Artists so far include

Trio Morvan, The Eel Grinders, Yves Leblanc, Meascan, Gwerz Flamm from Brittany,  Steve Turner and Yannick Minvielle-Debat and The Panards band

Workshops include:

Workshops: Helena Reynolds – beginners and mazurka workshop,
Trio Morvan –  bourrees du Morvan,
Yves Leblanc-  Breton workshops. 
Meascan: Breton ensemble
Steve Turner: Piano Accordion
Seb (from TM): Chromatic accordian
Pierre from TM: Diatonic accordian
Quentin from TM: Bagpipe
Scott Marshall –  Hurdy Gurdy
Dave Faulkner (EG): Ensemble
Helena Torpy (EG): Violin
Yannick: Singing
Full details and bookings will follow shortly