We have a fantastic lineup to celebrate our 20th festival:


Trio Morvan

Fête du village

The Trio Morvan is a meeting between three musicians from the wild mountains of the Morvan, who play traditional Morvan music for concert and bal ( je sais pas si la traduction est bonne )


Seb Lagrange  : chromatic accordion

Pierre Marceau ;diatonic accordion

Quentin Millet ; Bagpipes


The Eel Grinders


The Eelgrinders sound melds together elements of classical, traditional and jazz – it moves with grace and style and is like nothing else. Eelgrinders music is delivered with sparkling virtuosity on border pipes, whistles, trumpet, accordion, fiddle, and percussion.

The Eelgrinders are :-

David Faulkner : English bagpipes, whistles, trumpet
Lawrence Morgan-Anstee : English bagpipes, whistles
Helena Torpy : Violin, percussion, voice
Steve Turner : Accordion



Yves Leblanc

Unfortunately, Yves Leblanc will not be able to join us for the weekend due to illness. All the Panards’ family will be disappointed that he will not be celebrating our 20th anniversary with us. However, we are pleased to confirm that Peter Clifton and Jessica Abrahams have kindly agreed to take the workshops that Yves was due to lead. Peter will lead run 2 Breton ones and Jessica will run the Branles one.