Our line up this year looks to be one of the best ever! With festival favourites Zef returning after several years absence, we also welcome Glaou for the first time, along with Pierre Casaubieilh, Venn and Les Wizards of Noz, as well as Yves Leblanc.



Zef make a very welcome return to Festival des Panards after several years absence, bringing with them boundless energy and musical ability. Bring your dancing shoes – this will be a Bal to remember!

– Damien Dulau: Guitars
– Jean-Michel Martineau: Bass
– Aurélien Claranbaux: diatonic
– Balatazar Montenaro: Violin
– Vincent Lenormant: Son
– Laurent Geoffroy Acordéons diatonic, accordina


A new group born of the coming together of musicians with very different origins: Janick Penvern (fiddle, mandolin, vocals…) and Hervé (guitar, electric bass and vocals) both from the thriving St
Malo sea-songs milieu, have come together with established duo Mike James (melodeon, vocals) and Yves Leblanc (clarinet, vocals)( pillars of Breton fest noz from the 1990’s on, who have gone on to play in Festivals and workshops, in Balfolk and cabarets all over Europe as far as Nijni Novgorod, …to pull together a lively repertoire of Breton dances with a strong vocal element, ‘glowing’ like the cinders of a coal fire (rough translation of their name!) , full of spice and energy,
along with some of Yves’ compositions.

Yves and Mike have played together for over 25 years, having recorded 3 of the outstanding
Breton music CDs of their time, and also playing and recording with 4 piece Jacal, coming together
from time to time more recently to record several numbers on Yves’ solo CDs and to tour in Russia
and Eastern Europe. Yves has also played with Yann Dour, and with Bernard Loffet; and Mike with
Welsh trio ‘Twm Twp’ and more recently Priodas, and in a duo with his double-bass playing son

Janick having started out in the Breton music scene, has concentrated since the 1990s on sea
songs with Babord Amure, Tir na og (Folk Rock) and Les Boucaniers, in which group she met Hervé,
also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, who left behind the rock scene in the 80’s to play
biniou and bombarde and also plays in the Bagad de Roazhon (Rennes).
It was during the recording of Yves’ album ‘Dansez!’ that the 4 collaborated for the first time, and
the result inspired them to establish a regular group.



The music of Central France is characterised by the sound of the bagpipe and the hurdy-gurdy.  Together they create driving, drone based, melodies and cadences that have echoed through the centuries, developing with each successive generation.  Add an artful accordion and the mix is impossible to resist.

Brittany’s trance-like music of call and answer weaves lines of dancers back and forth.  Flutes, pipes and accordion construct mysterious melodies while the cittern and the bass guitar, pick out infectious rhythms. Venn play traditional, contemporary and self-penned music derived from these traditions on bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, flutes, cittern, guitar, mandocello, bass and diatonic accordion.

Mike Smith – on hurdy-gurdies, cittern & Guitar
Julian Scott – on bagpipes, flutes & pastoral oboe
Marcus Scott – on diatonic accordions & percussion
Ken Lush – on electric bass & mandocello



Pierre Casaubieilh

Pierre C. is a multi- instrumentalist and has been playing music for 28 years. He initially learned playing the 3-hole flute (with the strings drum) and the “Boha” (Landaise bagpipe, from South-West of France) at the School of Music in Pau (France). Discovering  and sharing musical culture, he learned himself playing the bones and mandolin. He enriched his music repertory with travel around Europe and attending festivals.

He plays all tunes from South-West of France (“sauts bearnais” (or basque, depending on who is listening! ),  Fandango – Arin-Arin, Congo(s), Rondeaux, Branles and European dances (waltz, polka, scottisha, mazurka… and others). He has been playing in a band from the South-West of France, called “Papar’Oc” for about 20 years (we do not count years after a while). With the band two cd’s have been recorded: “Totun” and “Atau Qu’ei”.


The Wizards of Noz

The Wizards of Noz play exciting folk music for the traditional dances typical of a Breton Fest Noz or French bal.  Many dances are traditionally done to songs, whichYannick sings with an accompaniment of accordion, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and clarinet. We also mix in some lively instrumental numbers. Our unique repertoire of entertaining dances suitable to all abilities is guaranteed to bring maximum fun and pleasure to the dance floor.